Path To Inner Happiness

We curate our workshops where your inner child nourishes once again.

At Jooysutra your transformation begins, where the happiness within you awakens and meets you. We create movements that help the body, serenity that helps your mind make you complete yourself through part of our soul touching sessions.

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Jooysutra Retreats are curated experiential ones with best of the best Fecilitators & Artists across the globe.

We ensure to give you a life changing experience in our retreats which helps you to deal with yourself in a graceful way, helps you to find Jooy in everything that your experience. More gratitude and more connection brings more happiness which is the ultimate truth of one self. Lets begin our journey to inner happiness with Jooysutra.

Experiences that you will Love

Our attempt is to make you meet to your self once again, connect to the nature, find yourself connected in natures lap.

One heavy day, I ran away from the grim face of society and the dizzying clamor of the city and directed my weary step to the spacious alley. I pursued the beckoning course of the rivulet and the musical sounds of the birds until I reached a lonely spot where the flowing branches of the trees prevented the sun from the touching the earth.

I stood there, and it was entertaining to my soul - my thirsty soul which had seen naught but the mirage of life instead of its sweetness!

Kahil Gibran , Lebanese writer

Feel Breath of Happiness

At our thoughtful Retreat, you surrender yourself and we make you do different activities whch connects you to the nature and to your inner selves.

The deeper you surrender to existence, life , nature the more loving, more understanding, more insightful you become!

Osho , Indian Religisous Leader

Together, We'll help you build the pathway of your innerself

We create movements that helps the body, serenity that helps your mind makes you complete yourself through part of our soul touching sutra's.

Rejuvenate to a new Jooyful beginning through Jooysutra

See how your fellow sutra's transformation tookplace, come join the tribe of Jooy @Jooysutra!

Art of Sound
Music arouses reward-related emotion and brings people together. Music improves our memory, heals our inner & outer wounds, reduces stress, anxiety and gives overall quality to oneself.
Nature Connection
As we are aware that we are made up of precious elements of Earth,Fire, Water, Air and wind. Our connection with nature makes us more alive. Connecting with something we born with is being greater to ourselfs and thats nature.
Yogic way of living
Yogic way of living is a divine way of living. The way we wake up, the way we cook our food, the way we eat, The way we sleep effects our overall well-being. Jooysutra will help you to tap into this amazing yogic way of living.
Lets Breath Consciously
Simple act of controlled breathing is the key to controll our mind and also turns a relaxation response throughout our body. When we practice conscious breathing the experience of life will move to a different level.

Jooysuta Thoughtful Retreat - Path to inner Happiness!

Experience the flow of existence in motion with humans who've travelled many lives to bring together a retreat, that is a fruit of wild imagination, love, experiences and thoughtfulness. A retreat unlike any other where you allow the life within you to spark joy and take you onto a deeper journey of self, where you finally meet light beyond the physical realm.


3 days of experiential sessions & workshops with yourself and the like-minded community joining together through oneness of open hearts.

Location: In a serene and secret location away from hustle bustle of the 🏙️ city life, a place which is surrounded with lush green forest of western 🏞️ ghats where you dont feel existence of ⏰ time. While you are immersed in gazing the ⛰ mountain peaks and the tallest 🌲 trees what brings you back is the chirpings of 🦜 birds and the wind which comes and whispers in your ears saying "Come to life 😇".

Note: Reach Our Tribe for Detailed Itenary.

Jooysuta Corporate Wellbeing - Energetic, Experiential Modules of Self-Discovery!

We bridge the gap between the conditioned you and the creative you. Our curated art, theater, and sound-based workshops bring out the best in the workforce. We weave your talents, skills, dreams, and aspirations towardd self-connect and self-awareness. We unveil your unconscious and subconscious layers where the seeds of your power repose so the team can innovate ways to create their value and worth in this world.

Corporate Wellbeing

Our art and jooyfull workshops are the perfect tools to develop

Creative talents, taking responsibility for self and making conscious choices. Becoming aware of ideas, understanding them and knowing how to express so that they are properly and powerully communicated. Being able to share ideas, thoughts, wishes, Dreams. Sharing fears, anxieties and complexes which builds trust among the work force. Enjoying work enhancing efficiency - and finally its all about having JOOY.

Note: Reach Our Tribe for Detailed Itenary.

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Jooysutra gives you the best of best experiences which makes it a memorable moment of your lifetime.